“Save the babies, and we will save America,” he said, adding, “As the old book says, that many more are with us than are with them.”

In a speech at the gathering a day earlier, Mr. Pence called on the entire 2024 Republican presidential field to pledge support for a national abortion ban at 15 weeks — a ban more extreme than what Mr. Trump has backed so far.

David Porter, 64, a Republican from Newport News, Va., who wore a “Walk With Jesus” hat to the rally, commended Mr. Trump for his imprint on the judiciary.

“He’s my guy right now,” he said.

Several times in his speech on Saturday night, Mr. Trump sought to align himself with the faith community and said that it was under attack, much like he was.

“Together, we’re warriors in a righteous crusade to stop the arsonists, the atheists, globalists and the Marxists,” he said.

Each indictment, he added, was a “great badge of courage.”

“I’m being indicted for you,” he said.

Mr. Trump’s alliance with the Christian right is a study in political opportunism, one that has yielded prodigious dividends for both.

In 2016, evangelical voters helped propel Mr. Trump to successive Republican primary victories in South Carolina and other key states, giving him a pathway to the nomination and ultimately the presidency.

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