I love talking about the foods of New York City, where I was born and raised. But that’s not just bagels and pizza. Instead, when I have friends in town, I make them try the flavors of my New York City.

Those flavors include pickles and mofongo, pork bao and jerk chicken, bodega coffee and pastrami on rye. So many New Yorkers were not born in New York, which is part of the reason our food is so good: It tastes like a little bit of everywhere.

I thought a lot about the tastes of home while reading this delightful spin through some of New York City’s most distinctive restaurants. And it got me thinking about you, and where you might take a friend for a great local meal.

So, I’m asking readers of the Asia Pacific Morning Briefing: What do you feed visitors to give them a true taste of your hometown? Why is this food special to you?

We may feature your response in an upcoming newsletter, or in print. Thanks for contributing.

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